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Monday, March 18, 2013

Champagne Goes Pink For Your Wedding

Photo courtesy of Jessica's Country Flowes
Sometimes drinks look as good as they taste! Try these raspberry champagne cocktails decorated with a gorgeous sprig of mint! Serve them in champage flutes and float some fresh raspberries in each one.
While previously pink champagne was seen as inferior to white champagnes, pinks or roses are seen as the perfect way to celebrate romance or weddings.
How do you make white champagne pink? Ah! Tricky that. One way to make your white champagne pink is to add some red wine to the white champagne. Depending on how much red you add the depth of color may vary. Winemakers suggest using wines from the same area as the white champagne you are planning on using.
Another way to turn the champagne from white to pink takes place while the wine is still fermenting. If the winemaker leaves the skins of the black grapes used to make the champagne in the vat, the skins will dye the champagne to a pretty pink color. This practice is harder to control and isn't used as frequently today as adding red wine.

While many vintners make pink champagne, the only true champagne comes from grapes grown in an area of France called Champagne that is northeast of Paris. Wine experts consider only champagne made in this area to be 'true champagne.' But this doesn't mean you can't enjoy champagne made in other areas of the world.

Take some time to taste test a variety of champagnes you'd like to serve at your wedding and then consider if you're interested in pink champagne or even the new blue champagne, Blanc de Bleu, made in California.

Then choose some pretty champagne flutes to serve it in. A pretty champagne flute can add eye appeal to a less expensive brand of champagne.

If you're going pink, consider adding some raspberries and mint or strawberries and float them in the glass. Even pomegranites can be used. Going blue? Try some blueberries on a skewer or some blackberries and mint. Sometimes the garnish is as important as choosing the right champagne. So salud and enjoy.

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