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Monday, January 17, 2011

Rainy Day Weddings -- No It's NOT a Disaster IF You Plan Ahead

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Every bride dreads looking outside on the day of her wedding and seeing leaden skies and rain pouring down! But while it might not be what you were hoping for there are ways to minimize the problems it can cause.  Don't forget, the French believe that a wet wedding means a happy marriage.  Some things to consider:

Consider wearing bright colored rain boots under your dress to get from the car to the church and to walk into your reception hall.  These bright boots are available at stores like Target and can make a colorful statement on a gray day!  You might want to think about purchasing some for your bridesmaids as bridesmaid gifts if you are anticipating rain.  Or consider putting your white shoes on after you get into the church or reception hall saving the material on your shoes.

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Purchase some colorful golf umbrellas in advance to protect you from the rain and for your ushers to use to walk your guests to their cars.  A rainbow of umbrellas with dry guests under them can bring brightness to a day of gray weather.

If you're planning an outdoor reception have a backup plan in case of rain.  No one is guaranteed a sunny day or a rain or snow free day.  Be sure to have a backup venue just in case the weather doesn't cooperate with your planning.  Also be sure all your vendors have plans in case of rain.  Some may need different equipment if it rains, you may need to provide a tenting for a planned outdoor wedding.  All this has to be planned in advance. 

Be sure your hair and makeup are weather-proofed.  Waterproof makeup and some heavy duty hair spray can help keep things under control.    Also be sure to have a makeup bag so you can reapply makeup at your reception if needed. 

Find out if you can get dressed at your wedding venue to help protect your wedding gown.  Many churches and reception halls have bride's rooms where you can dress and get ready.  If it's pouring rain this may help protect your gown from rain.  Carefully pack your gown so it doesn't get wet while transporting it.  Your bridal store may be able to help you by providing bags to cover your gown. 

Make signs that say "Rain, Rain" and another that says "Go Away" for the bride and groom to hold while they pose.

These and many more ideas can turn your wet and gray day into a creative and imaginative wedding day, full of fun photos and a smiling bride and groom.

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