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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Catering Software

Cooking for your own wedding? Own your own catering business? Are you an event manager? I found this simple but effective software on Linked In.  Called 'Catering Tracker' this web based software tracks all your vendors, lets you process invoices, processes cost changes instantly, generates a customer database and the ubiquitous TO DO list everyone has (or if they don't have, NEED).  More tools include a menu manager and the ability to use this anywhere there is a computer.  You get a free trial so why not give it a whirl? Love that it's web based! Makes it so convenient!


kennady said...

It's a nice information about the catering software.These software are very useful for the wedding planning couples,you may use the wedding app and Plan the wedding happily.

She & He said...

Appreciate your feedback kennady!