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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Love Chocolate But Cutting Calories? Try This!

If you are cutting calories but love chocolate...and eat it or need it in one form or another when you are stressed, this chocolate perfume you can find at Temper Chocolate might be just the thing you need to get you through the stress of wedding planning without adding any extra pounds! Temper Chocolate is a tiny yet elegant chocolate shop in the lobby of the Commonwealth Hotel in Kenmore Square in Boston. The owner, Caroline Yeh speaks about the perfume on the video above. She assures us that the perfume doesn't really smell like chocolate (after all you really don't want to smell like a Hershey's factory) but rather has cocoa as one of the ingredients. This complex blend of aromas is sure to please both chocolate fanatics as well as those looking for an exotic perfume as well. Stop in and give it a try!

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