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Friday, July 1, 2011

Celebrate July 4th and Military Weddings!

With the 4th coming up I thought it was time to celebrate Military weddings! So to start with we have an army groom, perfect to pair with any interchangeable bride.  This cake topper features a military groom standing with pride in a Dress U. S. Army uniform. Accurately depicted with every detail, the characteristic style is unmistakable. Suitable to be matched with other interchangeable cake toppers. You can find this Army cake topper at The Wedding Outlet.  Military brides often choose to wear traditional wedding gowns and add a small pin to designate their service or wear a garter showing their service.  I'm sure there are many more cake toppers out there, limited only by the imaginations of creative artists.  Check for some as well.

Air Force Cake Topper

One of the traditions of a Marine wedding ceremony is the crossing of the swords under which the bride and groom pass. Military wedding cake toppers that celebrate this time time-honored tradition can be found which feature just the bride and groom.

Available w/all service branches.

Navy Enlisted Man


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