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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Next Cupcake?

Pudding Lane introduces Gourmet Pudding Bars! We have talked about a variety of types of bars for weddings, everything from mashed potato bars to churro bars, now thanks to a company in Havertown PA we have GOURMET PUDDING BARS! The company that is the genius behind this wide selection (with more coming) of gourmet puddings is called Pudding Lane.
 Pudding Lane offers a variety of toppings for gourmet rice puddings that let your guests have the final say in just how they want their pudding to taste.
You can vary the flavor of rice puddings and the types of toppings. Everything from fruit to candy to great tasting syrups, and of course, great whipped cream as toppings. Not every topping is available year round due to Pudding Lanes' commitment to freshness. 
Visit Pudding Lane, the web site of the great entrepreneurs who are making pudding the next cupcakes!  For those looking for a great business opportunity they have a link that is up and coming about franchise opportunities--I'm afraid I'd eat all the profits, but if you have just a little self control... keep you eyes open for their franchise opportunities.  Also note if you want to stop by their web site they sometimes have coupons for their readers. 

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