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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Braids For Brides

      Source: via Kimberlee on Pinterest

Braids for brides are one of the favorite hair styles you see in bridal magazines and on brides as they walk up the aisle. This post has several braid choices that brides might enjoy weaving for their wedding day.

This blond braid is a relaxed style, perfect for an outdoor wedding! Braids are the perfect answer for what to do with your hair on your wedding day. So much better than those old teased looks!


The braid is what all the cool kids are wearing! This colorful braid is perfect for the bride who wants to look just a little bit different. Yes, grandma may swoon, mom may grind her teeth, but hey, whose wedding is it anyway?

Love this waterfall braid? I love her hair period! But this braid is outstanding! Just be sure you have a stylist who can carry it off!

Source: via Lizzie on Pinterest

Bridal braids are everywhere! Add some flowers to your braid, a perfect idea for wedding day braids.

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