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Friday, April 27, 2012

Green Feet? Well, Make That Great Green Shoes

And the bride wore: Something old, something new, something borrowed and something GREEN. The Offbeat Bride offers you a selection of shoes gone green.

My favorites? Shoes by Fergie.  Yes, I know the heels are high, but so pretty! And perfect to have peeking out from under your lacy wedding gown! Your feet will fluoresce in these beauties! And give your groom some flourescent green socks and it will make for some great photo ops!

Looking for some shoes with a boho bow? Try this green pair from Butter, a company born from the combination of designer Nancy Geist and her business partner Lee Riech.  These come in a pretty pink too, so if you are not quite brave enough to go green, try pink instead.  

Nancy Geist also has a shoe called Chicomum-b, for the bride who wants just a little green as well as a whole bridal collection.

Looking for a different shade of green? Try this pair by Nina from Zappos in apple green. Their lower heel and comfortable price may make you a happier bride!

Not happy with any of these choices? Head over to Offbeat Bride and see some other green shoes (or at least partly green shoes). It's fun to look at them even it they aren't 'your cuppa tea.'

Would you wear green on your wedding day? Yes? No? Tell us all about it!


Kristina - Event lighting CT said...

Those wedding shoes are awesome and unique. Thanks for sharing this post to us.

Nancy said...

I love finding something unique for brides to consider adding to their weddings. Thanks for commenting!