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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Are You A Breastfeeding Bride?

I know, the traditional way to have a family is to get married first, have babies second, but today many women find they are having their wedding post pregnancy. This means we have breastfeeding brides. Unfortunately as you flip through wedding magazines you don't find dresses that are designed for moms who are breastfeeding. Instead you find all these narrow sheaths with little support for breasts that are filled with breast milk and need some additional support as well as some easy access for feeding baby.

You can always hit the maternity stores and hope to score a dress in white that will let you breastfeed but for most brides they want a more traditional looking wedding gown for their big day. So what to do? Here's some suggestions:

Try purchasing a dress that has a sweetheart neckline or that has a generous V-neckline allowing easy access for baby. A strapless gown usually won't have enough support for a breastfeeding mom so keep in mind you'll want a gown that gives you some support. I suggest one with some straps or sleeves.


Photo courtesy of Elegant Gowns
You might also want to consider a simple gown with an empire waist with straps that will support your breasts that have increased in size due to breastfeeding.  
And it's not just brides who might need to consider ease for breastfeeding when choosing a dress. If any of your attendants will be breastfeeding, choose their gowns carefully to accommodate ease of breastfeeding.
If you don't want to feel too 'bare' while breastfeeding in your gown, consider picking up a shawl that matches your gown, it makes a pretty drape that will allow you to feed your baby at your wedding reception. Nothing worse than having to use the ladies room to breastfeed. Not all reception halls have a comfortable place for you to feed your new baby.
So don't let the fact that you are breastfeeding keep you from buying a wedding gown that has all the traditional bells and whistles, just choose the style with care and you'll look and feel bridal on your wedding day (but still be able to feed your baby.)

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