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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscar de la Renta Shows Blue Wedding Gowns for 2013

Photo courtesy of Oscar de la Renta and MSW
This spring wedding gowns in pale colors are all the rage. No longer are white or cream the only colors for wedding gowns. Pale colors have come into vogue this year. Here are a few for you to enjoy and consider when planning your wedding. 
Even if you can't afford designer duds, there are sure to be knock offs out there at affordable prices. The white with blue overskirt dress shown above is my favorite. Classicly chic. You're sure to have your own favorites, let me know which you like best.
This dress is not my favorite, but it offers a combination of blues and beige over white--something for everyone. Personally I'd lose the wrap and choose a different headpiece, but to each their own.

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