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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Budgets! Easy Aids You Can Take With You

Having a hard time saving for your wedding or honeymoon? Here are a couple of web sites to help you out.

Video courtesy of and YouTube from Intuit Inc helps you track every penny you spend (as well as every penny coming in.) It will let you track if it's a check, cash or credit card purchase. Overspending because you are using you credit card too much? Learn to leave the card at home. Awareness of your spending habits (especially the bad ones) can help you save as much money as a weekly savings plan. lets you set up the app on your smart phone and track your cash flow. But the key to any of these apps is the data is only helpful if you are dedicated to entering each expense (including that burger at McD's or that latte that you swore to give up!) The tablet version of the app has graphs to show you where you've been spending your cash.

Intuit's can also alert you by email or text (your choice) to remind you when bills are due or when your bank balance is low. Best of all, because the app is owned by the same folks who own TurboTax, the app is set up to integrate your info with their tax program come tax season.

EEBA Budget Aid from YouTube

If you grew up with parents who set aside cash in separate envelopes for each expense as a way to budget Easy Envelope Budget Aid from Dayspring Technologies may be for you. Like your mom's or grandmom's way of budgeting, Easy Envelope Budget Aid lets you separate money to help control your spending as a way to help discipline your spending habits. The app lets you set up envelopes for each bill or expense and each expense gets tagged as a withdrawal from it's envelope. Couples can register together and sync transactions between two mobile devices and a website as a way to budget together.

Hope these help you budget for your wedding! Everyone has their own system that works best for them.

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