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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mad Men Signature Drinks at Your Wedding

Cocktails at weddings can run the gamut from beer and wine to old fashioned cocktails (or what I call "Man Men" cocktails) that require a lot of mixin' and shakin' going on. Beer and wine are easy choices, but today's bride and groom are often opting for cocktails like those seen on the popular show Mad Men.
Everything from the Blue Hawaiian (Shown at top) to Grasshoppers to Strawberry or Melon Daiquiris.
Not planning on serving a complex Mad Men cocktail at your wedding but want to have some fun with them anyway? Try this app. has an app that challenges you to see if you can make an Old Fashioned as good as Don Draper can (or a Tom Collins with the panache as daughter Sally.) The Mad Men Cocktail Culture game challenges your skills at making a variety of popular cocktails from the '60s.

Do you know how much vodka do you pour in a Gimlet? How long should you shake a Martini? What kind of glass do you pour a Blue Hawaiian into? Get everything right, and Roger Sterling just may make you a toast!

Once you've made your virtual cocktail, you can drink it yourself or shake some up for friends. Whether you're on the go or getting ready for the next episode of Mad Men, this app lets you master the art of cocktail making—in Mad Men style.

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