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Friday, July 12, 2013

Beer Wedding Cake

"cake" courtesy of Sweets n Treats
What a great idea for a groom's room for the day of your wedding! Or for a groom's cake that is off the beaten track. Make these three tiers of your favorite beer on some cake rounds. Just tie them together with some decorative ribbon and add a decorative bow to the top can.
Here's a cake a guy and his friends can really get around! If you'd rather the guys weren't drinking the day of the wedding, make it for a wedding shower where the guys are invited. They are sure to enjoy their own personal cake instead of frou frou finger foods!


Chester Jones said...

That's pretty funny. Perfect for some, that's for sure. Whether it's regular cake or beer cake, though, don't forget dental care. Oakville has some great places to check out.

Nancy said...

Hey Chester, You keep reading, I'll keep going to the dentist--deal? Thanks for commenting (and reading).