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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Braids For Brides

Photo and tutorial courtesy of Long Hair Styles How To
Are you a bride who loves braids? Then Maiden Braids are the perfect choice for you on your wedding day. They will pull your long hair up for your wedding day and look elegant at the same time.
First braid two strands to the side of the center part. Then wrap those braids around your crown, pinning in place using just one pin for each. Arrange your braids so they resemble a hairband. Pin braids until you feel secure. Pull the rest of  your hair into a a ponytail and then pin up into a messy bun. Add more pins and go say your 'I Do's.' You can always skip the messy bun and just leave your hair down for yet another look. Add small flowers or pearls on you hair pins for decoration in lieu of a veil.

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