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Friday, July 5, 2013

Getting Your Groom In Top Shape!

Grooms need to be whipped into top shape just like brides do, but what to feed your groom so he's in top shape for the honeymoon? Broccoli!

 I came across an infographic the other day titled "10 Health Benefits of Broccoli." OK skip all the healthy stuff until you get to #10--Brococoli makes for Manly Men! OK now we're talkin'! A reason a man just might be willing to eat the 'dreaded vegetables.' Broccoli increases testostorone! OK!!!

So the next time your groom is avoiding those great good tasting veggies that so many of them hate, here's a good reason for them to learn to love it! And you might want to consider adding some to your wedding menu too. No reason to to miss those great broccoli benefits!

Infographic courtesy of Health Blog.

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