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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Confetti, and not the kind you throw!

If you were planning on getting some favor boxes and putting Jordan almonds in them, why not consider this option. They're called 'confetti almond favors' and they're typically used in Italian weddings, but would work in almost any setting. You buy ribbon known as 'coccarde' and fill it with almonds, then make it into a flower. Decorate the top, add some ribbon to personalize it, and you're in business! It takes a little time but once you're used to what you're doing they go pretty quickly. You'll need the ribbon (cost - $35), almonds (cost - $8.99 lb), Personalized ribbon (cost - $44 for 100), silk/organza flower (cost - $20). The total cost per favor? $1.30! I used some pearl accents too but you don't have too and it was more work so it may not be for you. The total cost came to $1.50 with the pearl accents. You can either provide a loop of ribbon so the confetti can be hung up or let it lie flat. I've included some pictures of both DIY confetti and some that are premade, all are available from

(Photo courtesy of

This very elegant Loop Edge Satin Coccarde Roll (above) will help you to design your very own Bomboniere (very easy to assemble just place an almond in each petal pocket and pull the strings at the end to create your flower) to present to your guests. Choose a color to suit your color scheme and then choose embellishments to enhance your confetti flower. Each roll contains 500 petals to help you create 95 - 100 confetti flowers. Embellish with porcelain flowers, paper flowers, organza and silk flowers, organza calla lilli flowers etc. Other roles of conccarde make different number of favors so read before you order!

Other DIY confetti:

Here are a few ready-made confetti to inspire you, also courtesy of

If you're looking for your confetti to do double duty, use them as a centerpiece for a table. The confetti used to make this are $3.50 each, You'd need about fifty or fifty-five for this centerpiece. You could also make a wreath with them.