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Friday, April 16, 2010

Pretty Appetizer for Your Wedding

These beautiful colorful appetizers are easy to make fast and compliment many picnic menus.  This recipe is for 100 servings, just cut it in half for smaller crowds, double for larger. 

Prosciutto Date Rollups  (For 100)

100 slices of prosciutto, sliced lengthwise
40 T real cream cheese (if you want to lower calories, use half regular, half lite, don't use no fat)
60 T Danish blue cheese
200 dates
100 almond halves
100 basil leaves, cut in half
100 mint leaves, cut in half
20 pinch salt
20 pinch pepper
40 tablespoons olive oil


Combine the cheeses in a bowl. Then add the almonds, olive oil, salt and pepper. Stir until well-mixed.
Pit each date (or buy pitted dates). Place one date on the end of each halved slice of prosciutto. Add a spoonful of the cheese mixture and some basil and mint to each prosciutto slice.

Starting at the end of the prosciutto with the date, tightly roll up the slices.

Serve standing on end.

These beauties will disappear faster than you make them!