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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Putting Together a 'Day Of' Emergency Kit

Every bride dreads all those little tiny things that can go wrong that she forgot! The list below would be a great bridal shower gift from a considerate maid of honor.

The Kit Should Contain:

Nail File
Dental Floss
Shout Wipes
Fabric Tape
Band-Aid Blister Block (a roll on blister barrier which prevents blisters)
Strap Tamers (these attach to your shoulder seams so straps stay in place and out of sight all night.
Expert's Choice Shoe Stretch (a spray that softens the leather to make shoes more comfortable, you cannot use this on non-leather shoes!)
Hollywood Behind the Seams (shields to prevent underarm stains)
Extra Deodorant (a tiny sample size)
Mighty Mendit (good for any fabric rips, torn hems, etc.)
Extra stockings.
Panty liners.
Tiny sewing kit.

I'm sure you'll all have dozens of more suggestions but these make a good start. 

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