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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nothing Would Make a Better Wedding Favor than ...

Amaretti di Saronno.  The story that goes with them makes them a perfect wedding cookie.
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"According to the Amaretti di Saronno legend, almost three centuries ago, the Cardinal of Milan unexpectedly visited the town of Saronno in Italy. To honor him, two young lovers, Giuseppe and Osolina, quickly baked up a mixture of sugar, apricot kernels and egg whites, creating crisp, airy cookies with an unusual bittersweet flavor which they wrapped in pairs to symbolize their love.

The Cardinal was delighted and blessed the young couple, who married and lived happily ever after. Since 1718 this ancient and secret recipe has been preserved by the Lazzaroni family. Unwrap a legend and begin your own happy ending.

Each box contains 15 pairs (each cookie is paired with another and then wrapped in colorful paper) of Amaretti di Saronno cookies (7.5 oz. net wt.). Order enough to offer a pair of cookies to each guest and box and tie with a bow. Add a copy of the legend on the tag. Everyone loves these quintessential Italian cookies. You can purchase them at or many other specialty stores.

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