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Friday, November 16, 2012

Stubborn Groom?

We've all dealt with them, stubborn MEN! Grooms are no exception. So if your groom is acting a little bit stubborn, I have the perfect food to serve at your wedding:

Just have your caterer change your entrees to pork--this one sort of looks like my husband (just kidding Bill... but... watch your step or Thanksgiving may NOT feature turkey this year.)  Sometimes a little bit of levity is a good thing as you are planning a wedding, so I offer you 'pig on plate' or 'the stubborn groom picnic entree.' OK guys, get with it, sort of looks like a few of you out there!
All kidding aside, a pig roast is a great relaxing way to have a wedding. Caterers can recommend someone who specializes in roasting a whole pig for you, as well as serving it attractively. Great for a backyard wedding or an alfresco affair. Pig roasts are not inexpensive, but definitely less than filet! And the photo alone would make it well worth it!

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