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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Enjoy Cupcakes At Your Wedding Reception

Photo courtesy of Enjoy Cupcakes
Why not make cupcakes the focus of your wedding reception? It is a great way to feed your guests, less mess and inexpensive.
Serve a variety of cupcakes with some quality lemonades and iced tea. You can even spike the lemonade if you want to!
Great for an early summer outdoor wedding in your local park or your own backyard. Friends and family can bring cupcakes as gifts, you provide the drinks, decor, and music. Sounds like a fun party to me!
Check Enjoy Cupcakes' Gallery for more great photos of delicious cupcakes and display ideas.

Photo shows: Left to Right ~ lemon basil sherbert, strawberry basil lemonade cupcake, vintage lemonade table Brea McDonald Photography, wine barrel lemonade stand, bride with red shoes Elisabeth Millay photography, rustic centerpiece, vintage herb spoons, cowgirls forever trailer, tablescape, vintage mugs, strawberry mug


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