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Friday, November 23, 2012

Wishing Wells For Wedding Showers

Wedding showers frequently come with a note attached to bring a kitchen item for a wishing well for the bride. Sometimes the decision about what to bring for the wishing well is harder than choosing the shower gift. Brides frequently register for larger gifts, but often forget to add wishing well priced items. So how to decide what to bring?


My favorite wishing well items are oven mitts. I know, ho hum, boring. But I've found two types that are family favorites. My daughters both swear by Ove-Gloves. I know, weird name, ugly gloves, but hey, you can't complain when they work! So Ove-Gloves are not a bad choice. Don't be put off by having to add shipping and handling, my local Rite-Aid Pharmacy carries them, so check your local stores before ordering online.

My personal favorites are oven gloves from Williams Sonoma. Williams Sonoma has many different options for oven gloves but I like these best. (They have some similar to the Ove-Glove as well.) These come in a variety of colors and I've never been burned through them. They are easier to use than typical pot holders, and the colors make a nice accent for my kitchen.

OXO Ice Cream Scoop photo from JCP

Other favorites? OXO products. I love their products. Good quality and they last. Consider an ice cream scoop, egg slicer, carrot peeler.


Or head to Crate and Barrel and pick up an acacia trivet. I own some of these and love them. Inexpensive but work really well and look great!

So the next time you are stymied on what to bring for a wedding shower Wishing Well, just click on WDW, we're full of good ideas.


Andy After Flats said...

Nice ideas. I'd love any gift that can be used in the kitchen! :)

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Nancy said...

Thanks for the comments. Kitchenware is always useful, no matter how much I have there is always something new out there, or I wear out what I love like the red oven gloves!