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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ebay and Your Wedding Gown

I just wanted to put a caution up about purchasing your gown from one of the vendors who are offering custom made wedding gowns, these vendors are predominantly from Asia. If you go on Ebay you'll see ads that promise you designer dresses for a fraction of the normal cost. Costs so low that they wouldn't be able to buy the material for what they are charging let alone make any profit. Unfortunately some of these sellers are ripping off buyers so it's a case of let the buyer beware. The photos they post are often the designer's own photos, so you can't really judge the quality of their work. I've bought a lot of things on Ebay over the years but this is one thing I wouldn't want to take a chance on. This isn't anything against people reselling their gowns or slips or accessories on Ebay. In fact it is a good place to find accessories in particular. But be very cautious about your gown purchase.

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ana b said...

ty, they look like such a good deal!