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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Music, Choose Those Tunes!

A big part of every wedding is the music. Every part of the wedding and reception has its signature music and choosing it can become a full time job. Or it can unless you are lucky enough to stumble across this web site This site divides music up into where it fits in your day, first dance, cake cutting, ceremony songs, father-daughter dance songs etc. The music is also divided up into decades, so if you're a bride who love 80's music just choose that decade for the best of the 80's song list. It also offers a master list of all the words to the songs, so you don't end up with some songs with lyrics you ...uh..weren't expecting that are inappropriate for some of your guests. Also make a list of special songs that you and yours fiance really enjoy. And a list of DO NOT PLAY songs. That list is critical! If you don't want them to play the chicken dance be sure to include it on the list! But also if you have a favorite that you want played at a certain time you need to communicate this with your DJ. Try to have a meeting with your DJ (the one who is going to be doing the wedding, not just a company representative) shortly before your wedding so you can coordinate your plans. Another site that offers music to listen to is These sites make music so easy that there's no excuse not to have a wedding that sounds like a dream!

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