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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wedding Rings -- symbol of love and commitment

Wedding jewelry is an important part of arranging a perfect wedding. For most people a wedding ring is more than just jewelry, it is a symbol of love that will last a lifetime. This is why people give so much importance to the choosing and buying of the wedding rings. They often do not mind to pay little bit more for the perfect rings for this very special day.

Wedding and engagement rings are designed to offer each couple a chance to express their own special feeling about their love and marriage. Whether they are looking for a unique antique look or for an up to the minute contemporary one, or somewhere in between, there are thousands of options to choose from. Manufacturers and designers have recognized the diversity of the brides and grooms choosing these rings and there truly is something for everyone.

The quality of a wedding band or engagement ring is based on the uniqueness of the design, the quality of stones(if any) in the ring, the metal (gold, white gold, platinum, titanium) and the quality, quantity and cut of the stones in it. Again, the designers have found something for everyone and something at every price point.

Whether it's a simple band or a diamond encrusted one, the meaning is the same--lasting love.  Engraving your initials or a special sentiment or date on the inside of your bands is often a nice touch. 
Shopping for your rings is easier than ever. You can either shop in your local jewelry store, 'jewelers row,' online, or at one of the huge diamond warehouses. Your rings can be custom designed to show your unique bond.
As you shop for rings look for rings that will symbolize your commitment to each other. Rings that will be comfortable to wear and that are durable and long-lasting, just like your love.  (photos from


Peyton said...

Love the top ring!

Destiny said...

Love the first two rings in particular!