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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Having a Candy Buffet?

There are a lot of different ways to make your guests feels special, one is by having a candy buffet. When your venue coordinator asks if you want a buffet, say yes, a candy buffet!  More brides are adding a candy buffet to their wedding day as a way to let guests choose their own favor or as an additional sweet for the end of a meal.  Brides who want to color coordinate their candy buffet can either visit a warehouse club and try to find their wedding colors or they can do some one stop shopping at Candy WarehouseCandy Warehouse has every candy imaginable and many old fashioned favorites made in your favorite colors.  Looking for black wrapped Hershey Kisses?  This is your source!  Colorful pink candies, they have more than you could ever imagine.  Gold or silver accents? They have those too.  I don't recommend buying all your candy here. For instance, if you want silver wrapped Hershey Kisses, go to your warehouse store.  Or if you're near a holiday when they have red candies out, buy them at the warehouse store as well.  Reserve candy warehouse for hard to find colors in your old favorites or some new to you candies in your wedding color or theme.  Candy Warehouse has several YouTube videos to help you with setting up your candy buffet.  Take advantage of their expertise and their selections of colorful candies.

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JanieP said...

candy, always a guaranteed hit!