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Friday, April 22, 2011

'Something Blue' Print in the Lining of Your Wedding Gown?

This great gown is Christian Dior Haute Couture but if you have a good seamstress or you are a good one yourself, you could get the same look by using the blue print lining under your gown.  Unfortunately I don't have the original link to the photo just the repost link, if anyone knows the origin let me know so I can post it) You don't need all the courture touches on the outside but the lining is GENIUS! Such an inspiration for brides planning to make their own gown.  Also note the design of the gown, shorter in front but long in the back, a dress to remember your special day (especially for you ladies with great legs who love high heels and want to show off your shoes!)
While you may not be a Dior designer the idea of the lining and the higher hemline in the front would be great touches for your gown design.

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