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Sunday, April 10, 2011

E-Commerce Site Just For Brides

Today I spoke with the developers of Wedding Bliss Lane, Sal and Jackie Asta.  As most brides have found you will spend a lot of time online planning your wedding.  Wedding Bliss Lane is an      e-commerce site that brings together buyers and sellers of everything bridal.

Two words describe Wedding Bliss Lane: Fast and Easy.  Easy to set up shop if you are a crafter/designer or conversely the site offers quick and efficient one stop shopping for brides looking for creative extras for their wedding day. Whether you are a buyer or seller Wedding Bliss Lane does the work for you! What more could anyone ask?

Every week The Wedding Queen will be highlighting one of their great products or services for you, but don't wait for me, head on over today and discover all they have to offer. After all, it just might be gone if you wait.

For sellers, during Beta-testing all listing and advertising fees are waived, so get in on the ground floor! Wedding Bliss Lane makes selling and buying wedding related products fast, easy, and great for the bottom line, whether it's as a buyer or seller!

(Note, The Wedding Queen is not paid for commentary and offers this information as a service to her readers.)

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