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Monday, April 11, 2011

It Floats, It Soars! What To Throw On Your Wedding Day

While there are many options out there today from the traditional rice to birdseed or lavendar to the sticky and icky bubbles, or having a butterfly release (I'm sorry, this seems so inhumane!) But one new option is rice butterflies, a combination of the traditional rice with the beauty of a butterfly release without worrying about dying butterflies!

Available in six colors ranging from natural to red, yellow, blue, green and white each box has 125 butterflies that have been designed to have a maximum flight time of up to eight seconds.  Just imagine your exit from church surrounded by fluttering butterflies! These rice butterflies are made from 100 percent rice paper and will biodegrade, but you can also just sweep them up after the wedding.  Be sure to check with your venue and clear using them since some churches have rules regarding cleanup. 

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