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Monday, April 4, 2011

Knots and Kisses Wedding Stationary

Country Garden--My Personal Favorite

If you are looking for boutique style wedding stationery Knots And Kisses Wedding Stationery's website offers you some unique selections.  Knots and Kisses is a company based in Essex that takes creativity to the next level.  They can give you wedding stationery that will stand out in a crowd.  Since I've never been one to follow the masses I'm in love with their unique looks. 

One line has a cameo at the top and looks very 'Pride and Prejudice-like.'

Another has a tweed band on it that is very English country.  My personal favorites are 'Country Garden,' invitations and other stationery which are decked out in paper roses in two colors, ribbon, and pearls. So feminine and pretty.

No matter what your style is, take a look at Knots and Kisses and make an appointment to talk to them about creating your stationery for your wedding day.  They offer everything you need for your wedding from Save the Dates and Invitations to Table Numbers and more. 

Knots and Kisses also do table plans hand painted to match your stationery or wedding bouquet. Contact them and make an appointment to discuss your special style and needs for your wedding day.


Terrans said...

Very cute and vibrant blog.
Found you through linkreviewer


MiMi said...

Very elegant wedding stationary. I love it!