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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Royal Couple "Say I Dough"

While I'm sure Wills and Kate will have many more formal wedding photos taken and seen around the world, this pizza portrait design from Papa John's Pizza celebrating the royal wedding is a one of a kind! (For more info click on the link to E Online) No, you won't be able to order this one of a kind pizza but Papa John's will give this "Say I Dough" keepsake to one lucky Royal Wedding fan in the U.K. 

A creative food stylist designed this pizza and gave Kate a veil of mushrooms and Wills a suit of salami and peppers.  Although we don't know just what Kate's dress and veil will look like for the big day, I'm pretty certain I can guarantee she won't have a veil made from 'shrooms!  Not to mention Wills won't be wearing a suit you can smell a mile away made of pepperoni and green peppers.  So not royal protocol.  But it certainly is creative.

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