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Friday, April 22, 2011

Comic Books and The Royal Wedding

It was inevitable that with all the royal wedding hoopla that it would generate it's own comic book. 'Kate and William: A very Public Love Story', was launched in the UK, it follows the couple's first meeting (sigh!)at the University of St Andrews in Scotland and following the ups and downs of their relationship (tears for Kate who really worked this whole relationship well even though it was hard for her at times I'm sure!). 

The comic book is written by Rich Johnston, illustrated by comic book artist Gary Erskine and it is told from both the perspective of the groom and the bride.  You can read from the either end of the comic as well, and reach the middle.  You'll find this comic gives you fictional details from Kate and Wills wedding including their honeymoon destination and the details of Kate's dress.  (Of course if you've been reading my blog you know that Papa John's has already shown off her veil and dress and Wills' suit on their Royal Pizza!)  Never let it be said that there hasn't been a lot of crazy merchandise generated as a result of this wedding, including a wedding video by T-Mobile (I swear that was the REAL Camilla walking down the aisle! Wow she was good!)  I'm not sure if real comic book aficionados will be buying this book but I bet they sell out!

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