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Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Brides Can Save Time & Money

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend a ***luncheon promoted by GIANT grocery stores and Peapod, a grocery shopping and delivery service. 

Peapod, your personal shopper for groceries, isn't nationwide yet, but the Philadelphia area is just starting this great service.  Other areas nationwide already have it, so check the help section of the Peapod web site for all the other areas where Peapod personal grocery shopping and delivery is available.

Hesitant about letting someone else pick out your fresh fruit and meats?  Not to worry. Peapod's associates are specially trained on how to choose the freshest fruit and meats for you. They know all the tricks mother never taught you on choosing the freshest and finest for you.  Peapod certainly has a lot of practice, they have delivered over 20 million grocery orders, that many customers can't be wrong! Just register with your GIANT Bonus Card and start shopping!

Worried about delivery?  Your food comes in special containers that keep your frozen items frozen and your cold foods cold.  Your iceberg lettuce won't arrive a piece of ice, just nice, crispy lettuce.  Your ice cream will arrive solid not mushy.  Wow! I can't even manage that in the summer time!  But then I don't have one of Peapod's special trucks that keep foods cold if needed. 

Now you might ask, WHY is this on a wedding blog? Because Peapod and Giant are offering a great deal to get you to try their service.  Just use the coupon code BLOGPHL and get $20 off your first order over $60 and FREE delivery for sixty days.  So Peapod will SAVE YOU MONEY.  But most important, Peapod will save you valuable TIME! Two things that every bride to be I know needs more of! And Peapod makes it SO EASY! Just order your favorite products online and their courteous drivers deliver the food right to your door!

You can still use all your manufacturer's coupons, just hand them to your driver when he brings your delivery.  (Delivery costs listed on web site) GIANT doubles all manufacturer coupons. 

Trying to shop on a budget? As you add items to your cart you get a running total, no more trying to keep track as you walk the grocery store aisles and put things in your cart.  You can still take advantage of all GIANT's weekly specials and BONUS BUY savings. 

Peapod and GIANT offer large selections of organic foods from bread to produce, and if there is a product they aren't carrying, just shoot them a message, they take direction well!

The Peapod site also lets you look at the labels on the items you're purchasing.  You can sort foods to see which has the most fiber, fewest calories, least salt etc. All from the convenience of your home.

Peapod's site is secure so there's never a worry about using your credit card to pay for your order.  YES! Saves you money, saves you time, helps you budget, takes your coupons, has a secure server, helps choose nutritious products--WOW! Choose a delivery time that's convenient for you and sit back and plan your wedding while Peapod's shoppers do the work. 

I don't know about you, but grocery shopping is one of my least favorite chores, ranking behind scrubbing floors, bathroom cleaning and cleaning my old oven (which refuses to clean itself!).  So give Peapod a try and take advantage of the coupon code above to save cash at the same time.

***Note: I was provided with compensation for attending the luncheon and writing this post.  The opinions offered are my own after examining the service and being offered by the company.

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