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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weddings Based on Movies -- Harry Potter-esque Wedding

We've seen weddings with Twilight and Titanic themes, why not one with a Harry Potter theme? With the number of young adults and yes, even grown ups addicted to the Harry Potter series of books and movies, it was only a matter of time until a wedding styled a la Harry Potter showed up. 

Note, the first group of photos is a wedding styled by a wedding blogger and photographer, not an actual wedding, although I'm sure there are plenty of them out there. 

These two professionals really showed us all just how well it can be done!  The photos are all posted on Green Wedding Shoes.

A second wedding (a styled one this time, was featured on Green Wedding Shoes. See photos below.

All photos posted from here down are from Abby Grace Photography and the blog 'Capitol Romance'

Everyone has a different take on Harry Potter weddings but I'm sure you'll all find inspiration from them both.

The use of vintage trunks for this photo shoot really made this Potter-esque. 

Dangling keys appearing to float in the air, perfect for table assignments.  Use string or some fish line to hang them from a tree branch.

Vintage farm tables and mixed up chair styles brought the vintage look to the wedding.

The vintage steamer trunks worked perfectly as a bar, each signature drink carefully designed and named. 

Below the dessert buffet was set up on an old desk.  The floral arrangements were simple and perfect for a forest weddings.

Below: Tiny pies set inside some old suitcase stacked up provided more treats for the guests.  Simple tiny pumpkins were used to decorate them.

For more photos, head over to Green Wedding Shoes.  All vendors/artists individually listed and linked there.  You don't want to miss the money shot! The bride and the frog!


Abby Grace said...

I'm so glad you liked our shoot! Thanks for being awesome and linking to Bree (Capitol Romance) and myself. Awesome blogging FTW!

Nancy said...

It was such a great shoot Abby! Keep up the great creative work! Ditto to Bree.