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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wedding Dresses in Color

Sometimes the perfect wedding gown isn't white, it's a vibrant color that brings out the personality of the bride.  Some brides really manage to choose the perfect gown for them, and this bride (and her groom) have happily done away with the traditional white dress and chosen a blue wedding gown with and over skirt.  The groom was equally stunning in his kilt and accompanying regalia, a perfect match for her blue wedding ensemble.  The photos were take by Archibald Photography.  Be sure to visit Archibald Photography's web site to see more of their creative photos.

If you read the Archibald Photography's blog you'll find still more unique photos from this wedding, where instead of a first dance, the bride and groom chose to have a sword fight--en garde! The details of this wedding are what make it spectacular.  And while duplicating it precisely would be expensive, there are some details you could incorporate into your own wedding to wow your wedding guests as well as have a very special day to remember.

If you're considering duplicating the sword fight -- be aware that the groom was previously a competitor on the international level, so this is NOT something for beginners.  Take precautions.  This blogger does NOT suggest trying this due to safety issues.

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