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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Designer Shoes On A Budget

Are your favorite wedding shoes going to break the bank? These designer shoes by Beverly Feldman run $235.  A lot of money for shoes you won't wear often.  But you can buy a plain ivory satin pump that looks similar and make your own flower and attach it to the back of the shoe.  Don't feel like you can get the flower to stick yourself? Talk to your local shoemaker.  Even if you pay $70 for the pumps, $30 for the flowers (presuming you can't make these yourself), and pay the shoemaker another $30 you're still way ahead of the game.  Purchase satin dyeable shoes, they tend to be less expensive and are easy to attach flowers to.

You can do the same thing with these feathered shoes by BHLDN.  Hit the craft store for some feathers, some glue and voila! Take an under $100 shoe and turn it into a $340 shoe.  The feathers shown are duck feathers, but you can substitute a different kind of feathers.

Now, get ready to dance the night away at your wedding and feel good about having saved some money too!


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