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Friday, October 28, 2011

Wedding Odd Jobs

OK, you can only have SO many bridesmaids and groomsmen in your wedding party--so what other jobs can you assign to include your friends and family so they won't feel left out? Aside from the usual jobs as readers during your ceremony, you might want to consider the following job assignments.

For a friend who has the right skills give them the assignment of makeup artist/first aid coordinator/and seamstress.  Basically this is your emergency coordinator.  Give this spot to someone with a cool head in an emergency, your most unflappable friend or family member.  No we don't mean emergencies like earthquakes or other natural disasters, we're talking WEDDING EMERGENCIES. 

Wedding emergencies vary, but your emergency coordinator needs to be able to handle the biggies:
  • mascara meltdowns (THE WORST!)
  • lipstick teeth
  • lost lipstick
  • killer blisters
  • horrible headaches
  • bustle breakage
  • or a ripped hem
Choose the man or woman who can handle these emergencies best.  Have them put together a wedding emergency kit-full of things you'll need in case of disaster to tape you up, sew you up, cover those blisters, trim a thread, ibuprofen, breath mints (NOT GUM LADIES, you are ladies!), makeup fixer-uppers and my two favorite things, Shout Wipes for spots and Velcro for falling hems.  Choose your own 'must haves' for your emergency kit, kits will vary depending on your wedding.

Another job that will help your wedding run more smoothly is to appoint someone your photo coordinator.  This person is in charge of rounding up stray family members for group shots, corralling friends for those must have shots of you and your sorority sisters, etc.  They can also help ride herd on your photographer and make sure he gets your 'must have' shots.  Having someone else helping to round everyone up will get you through those obligatory shots and off to having fun at your reception that much faster.

Tech Director/Audio Man (person) is a job for someone among your family and friends who just loves gadgets and is good at getting them to work when they're being recalcitrant.  They can help troubleshoot technical glitches with your sound tech for a wedding that is glitch free.  This person fixes screeching mikes and keeps the speeches moving along in the right order.  Basically they are choreographers of all things sound related. 

The jobs above are critical to having a glitch free wedding where the bride and groom can spend their special day enjoying themselves and talking their guests.  Not only that, these lucky people don't have to rent a tux or buy those bridesmaid gowns! Wow, maybe I'll beg for one of those slots the next time someone asks me to be IN the wedding!

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