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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Replies to Wedding Buttinskies

OK, we've all had to listen to them.  Well meant comments, be they from family, friends or almost total strangers, who are trying to hijack your wedding and turn it into theirs.  On a day I'm feeling charitable, I chant to myself  'they mean well, they mean well, they mean well...' and smile. But some days a reply is called for.  Not a rude reply...just putting them on notice that this is YOUR wedding not theirs.

Reply Suggestions:

"I'm so flattered you felt close enough to me to share your thoughts on my wedding with me.  I just love hearing all the different ideas my friends and family have for weddings!  I wouldn't feel right using your fabulous idea for my wedding when I'm sure you'll want to use it for your own (or your daughter's etc.) I'm sure you'll be thrilled to see what Joe and I have come up with for our own wedding."

"Thanks for all the thought you've put into planning our wedding.  Joe and I have decided to take our plans in a different direction but we want you to know how much we appreciate your valuable input. We can't wait to have you celebrate this special occasion with us."

"I'm was sorry to hear from Mom you're upset about our decision to (....fill in the complaint) at our wedding.  I hope you know Joe and I put a lot of time and serious thought into planning our wedding so that it's a reflection of our loving relationship.  I wish I could change how you feel about (xyz complaint) but I respect that we have different opinions about this.  It doesn't change how much I value your opinion or how much I care about you. We hope this difference in opinion won't keep you from joining us on our wedding day."

Now all I have to do is memorize these!

Do you have a great reply for these buttinskies? Please share them with us!

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