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Sunday, February 27, 2011

DIY (Do It Yourself) Lily Garlands

Lily Garland from Martha Stewart

Scent your wedding/reception with garlands of lilies.  Lilies are most abundant during the spring wedding season but you can always use silk lilies during other seasons.  For long spaces or double layer strands (see picture), wire several garlands together on the day of the wedding.  Use florist wire and string up 16 blooms each in sections, then cover wire with beautiful ribbons.  Be sure to remove the yellow anthers from the lilies because the pollen from them will stain.  For directions for these garlands visit Martha's web site or see all her other incredible DIY ideas for flowers for your wedding. 

Per Martha Stewart directions for Fragrant Garland of Lilies:

Thread 26-gauge wire through first bloom; attach at base with floral tape (or, for an end, tape wire to base of a closed bulb). Then slide on second bloom, to overlap previous flower a bit; tape base. Repeat until you reach desired length, leaving wire for hanging.

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