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Saturday, February 19, 2011


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OK, now that I have you hooked, I'm promoting a product that I just tried and am totally in love with.  It's called Moisture Seduction and it's a new lipstick by Avon.  It comes with all sorts of bells and whistles, a SPF of 15 and it's moisturized so it feels like it has chap stick running through it. 

I have to say I'm not a big lipstick wearer, in fact although I have some in my purse I rarely put it on but I do go through chap stick all the time! While it's a little more expensive than the cheap chap stick I buy, the color and SPF of 15 in it and the moisturizer combined all have me hooked. 

Some of the colors look a little dark in their catalog but lighten considerably when you put them on.  They're on sale for $4.99 (plus tax) now but will be $8.00.  At this price you can't NOT buy them.  I have four (I know I know...I was totally seduced!) You can buy them at or from you local Avon rep.  If you'd like a catalog email Carolyn and she'll send you a catalog, although it's fast and easy to shop her web site.  Thanks to Carolyn I tried out the 'plum gorgeous' and although I rarely wear darker lipstick this looks great, not too dark at all.  My next three purchases? Some pinks and a nude. 

These lipsticks at like the potato chip ad that says "I bet you can't eat just one"...these lipsticks are "I bet you can't buy just one!"

(Please note: I was provided with a sample of this lipstick to try for free.  I was not asked to blog about it, nor was I compensated  for blogging about it other than by the free sample.)

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