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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bite Size is Best

Love sweet tables or desserts served in bite size portions.  Pizzazzerie featured these great mini banana splits from Bakers Royale.  They are hollowed out bite size portions of banana dipped in chocolate and nonparells and then filled with your choice of ice cream, finally topped off with whipped cream and a cherry!  Serve on a plate of three for a large dessert or on a dessert tray.  I wouldn't recommend these for a dessert table, if they sat there too long the ice cream would melt and, well , you get the picture! Recipes/directions are available on either site. 

Pizzazzerie also has a recipe for chocolate peanut butter bon bons from Kraft Foods.  I have to admit Kraft's web site is a treasure trove for desserts made with their products that I've served at any number of parties over the years.  They always look as though I'm way more creative than I really am! Before the computer age I was reduced to copying recipes from their advertisements in magazines--thank goodness for the advent of the web.  More mini desserts to come!

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