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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pie Pops--Bet You Can't Eat Just One!

Pie Pops! I found some in an Etsy store, went back to order them later and they were gone! This gives you an idea how popular they must be.  (BTW, these photos are from that Etsy store but since they don't have them anymore...just search Etsy, I'm sure they'll be back soon!) These are so easy it's almost a sin NOT to make them yourself.  For once a DIY project that is EASY!  OK, you all know if you read my blogs that EASY is my middle name (at least when it has to do with DIY projects!) 
Some pie pops are plain, others have decorations on them, some are covered with 10x sugar and some painted pie dough, your creativity sets the limits if you're making them yourself.  For a tutorial on how to make these great pops yourself go to Luxirare.  BTW, Luxirare is an incredible blog just to sit and read for pure enjoyment and to revel in the pure creativity of the author.  Another recipe is available at Bakerella.  For anyone not into making their fillings for scratch head down to your local grocery store a buy a jar or can of your favorite pie filling.  Remember, these are lollipop size so a little filling will go a VERY long way.  I also suggest using premade pie crust, it will simplify your life and make clean up so much faster.
If you want something more creative than simple rounds, you can choose other cookie cutters and change the shapes or do what Cake Pop Bake Shop, another Etsy shop did and decorate it.  Easier yet, order them straight from them.  OK, so I AM Lazy!
No matter how you get your pie pops your guests are sure to enjoy having the option of tasting different flavors and textures of delicious pies at your sweet table.   The pie pops shown below are apple pies with confectioner's sugar and some painted shapes on creative.  Be sure to order some to taste yourself so you'll have enough left for the wedding.  Enjoy!

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