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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding Dresses Go Gold

Love Making It is a UK web site that has some great ideas, but these gold wedding dresses just blew me away! What a great idea for a unique wedding look, no more ho hum white or ivory, or even blush, but wild and glittering gold!
While these designer duds by Eli Saab may not be in your price range (they sure wouldn't be in mine) think about shopping post New Year's or post Prom season and you just might find the golden dress of your dreams! And for a black tie wedding a golden gown may be just what you need.  Happy dress hunting!


Elysian Weddings & Events said...

The first one is just stunning!!

Wendy said...

Great dresses! An intriguing idea for a bride.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link ;) I honestly can't stop looking at them!!

Chloe from Love Making It x

Nancy Vecchione said...

Glad everyone enjoyed these dresses, think they're a great idea if you're looking for a wedding gown that's just a little bit different. Had a hard time deciding which one I liked best!