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Friday, June 10, 2011

Bars, Bars, Bars-A Churro Bar?

Weddings these days seem to be made up of bars.  Mashed potato bars, martini bars, stinky cheese bars, on and on and on.  Here's one I hadn't heard of before, a churro bar! Yum!  What are churros?  Unique desserts that you can roll in cinnamon sugar, Oreo bits, or nutmeg.  These Mexican delights will set your wedding apart from the ho-hum everyday cookie cutter weddings.  This idea and photos courtesy of A Subtle Revelry.  They suggest purchasing the churros ready made from a warehouse store like Costco.  The ones they bought were preformed but uncooked.
Set up your bar as seen above.  Lots of toppings for your guests to choose from and enjoy!
Or some dips for your guest to try out--Chocolate, strawberry, etc.
This idea is perfect for a wedding held at the beginning of May and could reflect Cinco de Mayo.  Or it could just reflect the bride and grooms enjoyment of international foods.  Your choice!

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