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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Using Calligraphy for Your Wedding

Calligraphy is the art of fine writing or script to add personalization to your invitations or other accessories for your wedding that makes them uniquely yours.  Calligraphy comes from the Greek words 'kalla' meaning 'beautiful' and 'graphia' meaning 'writing.'   'Calligraphy can tie together pieces at your wedding like your invitations, table numbers, and place cards.  This photo from Savvy Selebrations shows you just a few of the ways calligraphy can be used at your wedding from Bella Graphia Calligraphy and Design. 

Can calligraphy be a DIY project? It can, but you'd better start practicing NOW!  Borders Books sells kits as well as books to teach you calligraphy.  The kits come complete with a basic pen and some ink as well as direction booklets.  If you want to learn to DIY I recommend trying one of these inexpensive kits to try and see if you have the skill and the patience to execute your wedding stationary and accessories yourself.  You might want to try using the same font on your invitations but doing smaller pieces of calligraphy by hand.  Or just addressing the envelopes yourself but printing the invitations.  Be sure to order plenty of extra invitation blanks and envelopes if you are planning on doing them yourself. 

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