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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Double-Decker Cupcakes For Your Wedding

This double-decker angel food cupcake with it's boutique cupcake paper is perfect for a wedding. It looks just like an asymmetrical wedding cake! This cupcake was an entry in a contest and was created by The Insomniac Baker. (The recipe is on the Baker's web page linked previously. Photos also courtesy of The Insomniac Baker.)

Try out this combination of angel food cake and meringue with gelato! Two fluffy angel food cupcakes with meringue gelato in the middle and a smooth, Swiss meringue buttercream on top, with a sweet little meringue cookie to top it all off--perfection! These are an ice cream cupcake though so your caterer will need to assemble them on site and they won't work for a sweet table. You could probably adapt the recipe to use something other than the gelato if you wanted to use them for a sweet table display. 

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