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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Throwing Out The Engagement Ring?

Photo by Moissanite & Diamonds

OK, I admit, I read other wedding blogs and today came across one on a site called Perfect Beginnings by Taylor Made Weddings.  The writer discusses an article in the Sunday Washington Post called "Outlook's Third Annual Things We Should Throw Out."  At the top of their list? Engagement Rings! Horrors!

I have to admit I am very attached to mine.  Throwing out the custom just is not an option! What should be revisited is attitudes toward engagement rings as status symbols.  Some brides today are all about 'how many carats,' 'how expensive,' and 'how much bigger mine is than yours!'  Shades of stupidity! I'm sorry, but my engagement ring is a sentimental ring that marked the special day my husband asked me to marry him.  Hopefully yours is too.  Too often I hear brides to be discussing how they're planning to 'trade up' or 'get a better one.'  What could be better than the ring that marked that special day? I think what we should throw out is the 'can you top this attitude' toward not just engagement rings but weddings as well.  Remember the sentiment behind things! Please! 


Rob said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Great post and great advise for people to follow.

Nancy Vecchione said...

Thanks for commenting Rob! Always glad to hear from my readers.