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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Budget Destination Weddings? Vegas Anyone?

Photo courtesy of GigMasters

To me a Vegas wedding always seemed (pardon the put down) but tacky. As destination weddings go I never thought of heading to Vegas as a good option for a destination wedding. But if you go over to Weddzilla (a fabulous wedding blog!) and read "Money, Money, Money" by The Copious Bride, you'll see how she and her husband to be are planning a great wedding for around $10,000.  And her wedding looks anything but 'tacky.'  So I guess I'll have to adjust my attitudes! This isn't to say you couldn't do it for less (or way more of course) but this post is a great introduction to having a NICE Weddings in Las Vegas! Just remember, you don't have to get married by a fake Elvis to have a Vegas wedding!

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