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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Care And Feeding Of Your Bridesmaids

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When is a picture worth a thousand words? When the info pic is like the one on about the cost of being a bridesmaid.  Remember how excited you were when your friend asked you to be in her wedding--the glitz, the glam, and then reality hits--THE COST! Sure you expected to pay for a dress, shoes etc.  but these days weddings are becoming bigger extravaganzas than they were in previous times. offers suggestions on how brides can help their bridesmaids avoiad 'sticker shock' and keep the drama to a minimum.  Since you want your bridesmaids to look back on your wedding day and remember it as something they enjoyed, keeping the costs down as much as possible will help do that. 

I remember the first time my daughters were in a wedding.  It wasn't a major extravaganza, but the maid of honor refused everyones help until the last minute--when she just backed out of everything! ARRGH!  She was the bride's sister! You'd think she could have gotten together the bachelorette party without backing out at the very last minute.  She didn't just back out of coming--she backed out of helping to pay for it too.  If there's any chance your maid of honor is likely to pull a stunt like this you might want to consider choosing a more responsible individual.  Try to keep the responsibilities of your bridesmaids down as well as the costs--don't forget--they're paying mortgages and car payments too.  So choose your bridesmaids with care and care about your bridesmaids. 

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