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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blond Braided Brides

You don't have to be blond to wear a braid on your wedding day.  A braid is a great way to make you look elegant and very 'Grace Kelly-ish."  Add some small flowers or bling to your braid to take it from an everday look to bridal day chic.

I love this double braid below, so romantic looking!  And isn't that what your wedding day is all about? 

The looser look below is more beach wedding chic, but perfect for a bride as well.  The twining of the pieces of the braid into one are very bridal-esque.


Natalia Pankova said...

I like the first one as it looks graceful on ukrainian brides enhancing them with beautiful flowers.

She & He said...

Thanks Natalia, I appreciate the feedback. I love braids for brides. Not too frou frou, but just right. I hope you keep reading! I'm sure to have more in the future.